Check Walmart Gift Card Balance

Walmart Gift card balance: Walmart is the place where an individual can purchase anything. Wal-Mart is one of the leading revenue earning organization with running thousands of stores in the 28 countries in all over the world.

Shopping from this online sites or stores provides too many benefits to the patrons. Anyone can purchase anything from the Walmart whether it is related to the household items, electronics, gadgets or any type of furniture, It offered everything, anything in one place but most of the consumer doesn’t know that it also provides the facility of a gift card. ¬†Yes, gift card through which any patron can get the discount on purchasing any item.

walmart gift card

How to Get Walmart Gift Card

This gift card is offered by Walmart in some discounts or a free of cost. By registering into the official portal, Purchase the card they offered the distinct card select according to the requirement.

Gift card cannot only be redeemed in the but it can also be used in the Wal-Mart gas station,, Slam Club stores (by paying 10% service fees) at

Benefits of using Walmart Gift Card

Walmart gift card can be used to getting the discount at the time of purchase the new product from its official online store or other sites as specified above. Suppose somebody has the 500$ in the Walmart giftcard then that person can directly get the discount of 500$ at the time of purchase new products.

walmart gift card balance

The maximum number of card which can be redeemed at the time of purchase five gift card at one time or it can be a combination of both other payment method and gift card both.

How to use Gift card by Walmart

The process for using the gift card is extremely trouble-free:

  • whenever the patron finalize the item which it wants to procure than the payment method screen is popup
  • After opening up of payment screen Gift card need to be selected
  • If the gift card is not saved then adding it, otherwise select already saved card
  • Once it’s saved it shows in the purchase summary option
  • Once all this process is done then click on pay, it can deduct the amount from the available balance in the gift card and if the purchase amount is more than the available balance of gift card then other payment option can be asked for the remaining amount of balance.

An individual need to have knowledge of checking the remaining amount of balance in Walmart gift card. The process of checking the balance is hassle free which helps the patron to purchase the item easily by selecting the gift card option at the time of payment.

check walmart gift card balance

How to find balance in walmart gift card

  • Anyone can check the balance of gift card online and offline both,
  • The individual needs a 16 digit number which is located in the back of the gift card and 4 digit security pin.
  • The Earlier stage of a gift card of walmart does not contain the pin in that scenario the user can check the balance only in stores of Walmart
  • Balance of the card is also checked by calling in (1-888-537-5503)

This gift card can be used in purchasing anything whether it’s a range related to sports stuff, gadgets, furniture’s, dresses and any electronics items it can be used for anything.

Problems facing while checking balance in Gift card

A gift card can be used both in online and offline stores of Walmart if somebody having the plastic gift card then it not contain the pin and also it is not used in the online site on

We hope this article should help you, if you are here to check walmart gift card balance. In case if you are having issues in using gift card by walmart, then feel free to comment down below.

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