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If you are familiar with mygiftcardsite, then probably know about the whole process on how you could make use of to take advantage of shopping anywhere with these Prepaid Gift Card. These are the best choice for presenting a gift for your friends or family. It offers them with a wide range of options to choose when they wanted to use those credits for their purchases.

Main thing about these cards is they come with long validity so that you could use when ever you want and you could buy anything you want. Now a days its common among many people and they mostly use these type of cards for their purchases.

My Gift Card Site : Registration & Balance Check from

Whenever you buy or receive a card as a gift, we recommend you to register on My Gift Card Site to keep track of your balance and transaction history.

Gift Card features:

  • Acceptable in Major Stores: Most of the shops in United States accept these cards and you could shop from any store which accept your card.
  • Card Values are Fixed: Your card values are fixed as always determined when you purchase it.
  • Card Values are not re-loadable: These cards are one-time usage and will be valid until you use these card value or until card expires in some date whichever comes first.
  • Purchase Amount <= Card Value: Your purchase amount should be less than or equal to your card value.
  • Card Expiration: Yes, Your card comes with an expiry date. Maximum available expiry date is one year. So never worry about expiry date.

How My Gift Card works?
The whole work process is simple and easy to follow. This is a virtual card with virtual currency and during your checkout at any retail store just need to handover this card to your cashier and provide the PIN if required.

Ur purchase value will be deducted from your virtual card. We recommend you to check your balance frequently to avoid any inconvenience or discomfort during your next purchase.

Purchasing Gift Cards Online

Are you planning to buy any cards to present it as gift for your friends or family or even for yourself? Its very much important to know about how are you gonna use gift cards. There are various gifts cards provided by major retailers for their customers and you could buy those either online or from local retailers.

Keep in mind, that you won’t be able to use with other retailers. Its exclusive for their retailers only. For example, you can’t use your amazon gift cards in walmart or kroger.

In order to use single gift card with most of the retailers or other local store, we recommend you to buy visa gift cards from amazon and you could use these with any store that accepts visa card. Here are the current offers on Gift Cards by Visa.

Get Visa Gift Card – $100 Value

Get Visa Gift Card – $50 Value

MyGiftCardSite Register Option : How to Guide

While you process mygiftcardsite register, you are registering your card online, with this you get more options to track your card usage and you can check balance anytime from your mobile or personal computer. Track your card usages, payments, transaction history and card details anywhere as you needed.

First of all, you need to register at with your card details to access all these above services. It just takes few minutes to complete your registration and after that you could login to mygiftcardsite to check balance and other important information about the card.

How to Check MyGiftCardSite Balance Online:

Here are some easy ways to check your gift card balance from online or contact customer service to enquiry about your card status. The best way to check your balance instantly is call customer care.

Dial (country-code) (1) (866) 952-5653 to contact toll-free customer care

There are some certain things need to be followed when you want to check mygiftcardsite balance online. Below we have listed a step by step guide to check balance from online website.

  1. First of all, you need to Visit Official Webpage.
  2. Now, you will find a box which ask you to submit your card information to process your request.
  3. Make sure you have the valid card and enter the gift card number correctly in specified box.
  4. Next box is about card security code which is a 3-digit number where you will find on the back of the card. Some time it will be represented as CVV .
  5. Enter the security character as seen in the image below or above. Its just a precaution where you would need to verify whether you are a human.
  6. Now click on “Login” to validate your details. Once you are validated,
    you would be taken to your dashboard where you could see the balance of your card.


Apart from , there are various gift card ideas you could pick it all depends on your need. One of the most popular gift card supplier with largest online products to shop from is Amazon which is a globally recognized brand.

Present Black Gift Box with $25 Gift Value

Present Red Gift Box with $100 Gift Value

Here are the best prepaid gift cards to chose instead of Visa and Mastercard. Always you can use these gift cards for your purchase at any of the stores in US.

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14 Comments on “ • My Gift Card Site Register / Balance”

    1. Yes russell, I have been trying to access my gift card through the and all I get is info that takes me in circles. I am unable to register the card therefore unable to use it. Whe I call 1-866-952-5653 all I get is ‘call failed’ about half dozen times now.
      I’m beginning to think this is a scam card or something. No way to contact the support services??????

  1. this is my first time with varieties of gift card, and i am completely new in using This article really helped me to solve out my problems.

  2. i am holding various gift cards, and i choose mygiftcardsite website for managing my cards in one place.

  3. Called the toll-free number and entered the card information. Was told there is no record of this card, which is odd because I am holding it in my hands. is listed on the back of the card. How can you tell me what the remaining balance is if you have no record of it? Please contact me ASAP.

  4. I think this is absolutely about the worst side I’ve ever used I was given the runaround with the wrong number to start with and then the next number I called that they said was a verified number wasn’t even the right company laugh out loud, so I suggest not even wasting your time with this and goes on to something else thank you.

  5. I was VERY frustrated about the fine print that allowed you to steal more than half of my gift card. I will NOT recommend this to any of my friends, family or acquaintances on Facebook.

  6. I have been trying to access my gift card through the that I received for Mother’s Day and all I get is info that takes me in circles. I am unable to register the card therefore unable to use it. When I call 1-866-952-5653 all I am told is to enter my card number and last 3 digits on the signer’s panel. Not Correct and to reenter. Have done this as many times as it allows and have called back 3 times!!!!!!!
    I’m beginning to think this is a scam card or something. No way to contact the support services??????

  7. MyGiftCardSite are really just legal thieves. They sell gift cards, then as soon as it’s legal, they begin extracting a monthly service charge. So you say “It’s a sealed gift card, so the money should just sit there until I use it, unless maybe I forgot about it for several years.” Nope. Since the account may have already been maturing for several months, or even a year or more before you saw it in the aisle at the store, you could be as little as 2-3 months away from the legal period that gift card companies can begin running their “inactivity” practices.

    Case in point: We received one a year ago, that says “Valid through 06/2024” on the top left of the packaging. So we filed it away for use during a future vacation. It’s now vacation time, so we opened up the package so we could use the card. Reading the back of the package, we learned that the card must be “activated” on their website. Turns out it was already active – at least for them. The first thing we noticed is the balance was wrong. Turns out a $50 gift from a well intentioned friend is now worth only $38 after 6 months of “inactivity” fees from the issuers of the card. What a scam.

    A few searches will show you just how trashy this company is. Their entire business is designed around the idea of selling cards and then taking the money right back off of it using creative fee tactics. Since the buyer is not explicitly connected to the seller in any way, they can perpetuate these tactics and get away with it repeatedly. It’s all over the internet. They’ve been doing this shit for years, and getting away with it because it’s “legal” and the amount they steal is not worth taking them to court for.

    Brilliant tactics. Many times I’ve heard several successful people say, in varying phrasing “if you want to make a lot of money you have to affect a lot of people.” This applies to the creator of the iPhone as much as it does It’s just that one found a way to improve lives, and the other is just an illusion.

  8. This is a scam! I have called the 866# several times and it has a message to call the same phone #. The website doesn’t work. I can’t get it activated, money down the drain….I can’t believe reputable stores actually sell these fake cards!.

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